DMA Cargo is a dynamic and qualified company with regard to the organization and management of national and international shipping services, ensuring the maximum precision in packaging and transporting all goods throughout the world.

This company is also specialized in the shipment of personal effects and check-in luggage, offering our customers special rates and constant support on customs procedures both in Italy and abroad. With us, it is easy to ship your personal effects worldwide.

Spedizioni privati

Private shipments

Thanks to its experience of over 30 years in the national and international removal sector as well as in land, air and sea transport, DMA Cargo puts at the disposal of its customers a wide range of services for the international shipment and transport of personal effects.

Our qualified personnel have an ample knowledge on the shipment of baggage, suitcases and cardboard cartons containing your personal effects.

The accuracy and the celerity of the services which DMA Cargo offers reduces to the minimum the problems which may arise.

Our Customer Care service transmits to the customers the forms, instructions and the help required for the issuing of the foreign paperwork, even if it is often better to consult the consulate of reference for more information on the import procedures of the country at issue.

Shipment of luggage

DMA Cargo’s luggage service will enable you to travel in a much lighter and relaxed manner.

Easy, useful for all travellers.

This service includes the collection at your home, with no added costs. After your acceptance, our customer service will send you by e-mail the form of collection request, indicating all the details of the shipment. For those shipments to be sent to non-EU countries, the compilation of a Pro-forma invoice is necessary, as well as a photocopy of the passport, the fiscal code number, and the inventory of the contents. The customer must also label the luggage or the carton with his/her data, indicating as well the contact number of the recipient. All the fragile items must be accurately packed. Do remember that due to air safety, perfumes or any other inflammable liquids are strictly prohibited.

The international service for non-EU countries is exempt from vat. Please be informed that the lowest rates start from 45 Kg.

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International shipments

International shipments

International Air Shipments

DMA Cargo is specialized in the international transport and shipment of personal effects on behalf of companies or private individuals.

Shipments by air are usually requested for quantities less than 500 kg. The service is provided in accordance with the IATA packaging regulations, ensuring the safety of your small cartons containing your person effects.

The air safety regulations have slowed down this service particularly for the personal effects, however we try our best to book your shipment with a company having a direct flight towards the destination requested by you.

International road shipments

We provide the shipments of Cargo by trucks throughout Europe.

We offer Groupage (combined goods) services or direct full truck load services, thanks to our network of authorized agents.

We can also provide shipments at a lower cost which however ensure a timely and punctual transport.

We also handle the shipment of dangerous materials and goods, which is managed by reliable and specialized staff.

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