DMA Cargo represents a safe and reliable point of reference for those companies requiring removal and transfer operations of their goods throughout the world.

Our activities involve the movement of furniture, computer equipment, accessories, and documents, both inside and outside the office premises. We are able to supply products for protective packing solutions of the best quality, in order to guarantee the goods to be moved and transported.

We carry out the disassembly and assembly of furniture, computers and servers, having at our disposal our specialized technicians.

Traslochi nazionali

National removals

Moving to another city can be quite challenging both from an organizational point of view as well as the costs it entails.

If you are thinking of transferring yourself to another city, perhaps even by moving to another region, this involves almost always a long distance, meaning that one will certainly need, for one or two days, truck and specialized personnel.

In order to carry out all the operations in an efficient and cost-effective manner, you must rely on DMA Cargo.

How much does your national removal cost? The price may vary greatly based on your needs.

With regard to your budget and the timing, you may choose whether to carry out part of the work by yourself or fully rely on a company for a free, non-binding quotation.

Particularly, if:

  • you have little time at your disposal (due to work, because you have to leave your house within a certain deadline).
  • the assembly operations are particularly complex.
  • you have a lot of bulky furniture.
  • the point of departure and that of arrival present accessibility problems (such as no elevator).
The advantage of relying on professionals is the possibility to resolve all those issues related to the removal in a short time, without the risk of damaging one’s personal effects and without having to worry about the packing, assembly and transportation.

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Traslochi internazionali

International removals

DMA Cargo pays particular attention to all the customer’s needs and designs ad hoc solutions for the removal. Starting with a do-it-yourself removal to a removal from domicile to port/airport, to a door-to-door “turn-key” removal, here below you will find the procedures set for your international removal:

Guaranteed packing

Fragile items and ornaments are accurately wrapped in paper and placed inside specific cardboard boxes. Paintings, mirrors, furniture components and sofas are protected by bubble wrap besides a further layer of cardboard. As regards clothing items, we advise vertical “cardboard wardrobes” supplied with a clothes hanger bar.

Furniture components must be accurately disassembled, labelled, and all the hardware must be placed in a box for a correct and immediate assembly in the new home.

Door-to-door removal

The international “door-to-door” service is carried out either by sea, air or land. As regards the shipment by sea, DMA Cargo offers various types of removals:

  • LCL – “Loose Cargo Loading” – This is a removal combined with other removals which are shipped through sea containers. This service is usually requested for minimum quantities, i.e. not more than 10 cubic meters. Sometimes, the port costs are much higher than the cost of an FCL container long 20 Ft.
  • FCL – “Full Container Loading” – Your removal travels inside sea containers reserved exclusively for you. There are 3 types of standard containers: 20 Ft: contains about 30 cubic meters – 40 Ft: contains about 60 cubic meters and 40Ft: contains about 70 cubic meters.
DMA Cargo prefers to carry out the loading at the customer’s dwelling in order to avoid the handling of the goods various times; however, if this is not possible, the loading can be carried out with the use of our shuttle truck and transhipment service, or the passage of the removal through our warehouse.

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Traslochi ufficio

Office removals

DMA Cargo offers a removal service dedicated to offices, directional, operational and administrative headquarters, which provides for the movement of all the material related to your activity (desks, work stations, computer, servers, various types of equipment, etc.).

As regards the removal of your office, the packing is carried out by certified specialists:

  • Packaging material suited for different types of goods
  • Disassembly and assembly of all furniture components and computers
  • Loading and stowage are secured in a proper manner
  • A full list of all the packages for a quick consultation
  • An inventory for the insurance company
  • The preparation of all the paperwork or the archiving with bar codes
  • Appropriate insurance policies to “cover all risks“, with leading insurance companies

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