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DMA Cargo performs various types of paperwork required for the import or export of goods, such as boarding passes, bill of lading (by sea), airway bills, letters of credit, origin certificates and other relevant documents required to ensure a smooth shipment or removal of an exportation order. Our structure offers warehouses, vehicles and instruments which comply with the current legislation on safety, indispensable for a perfect and efficient execution of the work.

Servizi doganali

Customs services

For all the shipments going outside the EU territory, except for the shipment of documents, it is necessary to attach the invoice/and pro forma and/or commercial. In addition to said documentation, it is important to attach also the documents related to the type of goods that have to be shipped. You must always communicate a contact name and a telephone contact in order to speed up at the place of delivery the request of the instructions for the import customs duties. To avoid useless delays or the stoppage of the goods, the customer must attach to shipments subject to customs clearance a Declaration of Free Export.

The invoices travelling together with the goods must follow the following rules:

  • they must be written in English;
  • it is necessary to include a description of the items shipped;
  • it is necessary to specify the items, the company models and codes that cannot be understood by the customs office, it is necessary to declare the type of goods (spare parts, personal effects, furniture, etc.);
  • where possible, specify the destination and end use of the goods;
  • if mentioned in the invoice, specify clearly the Incoterms;
  • if the goods are in CITES, attach the document in three copies and also the Request for CITES intervention;
  • in the invoices specify the EU Declaration and the country of origin;
  • in case of shipments to Brazil and Argentina, specify the VAT number or the Fiscal Code number of the addressee (CPF or Cuil);
  • even if the material shipped is not a sale, it is compulsory to specify its value on the invoice (possibly in USD) only for customs purposes;
  • many destinations require that the invoice bear the original stamp and signature (signature with a blue pen).



DMA Cargo offers its customers ample space for the storage of furniture, documents and archive.

The cost per the storage of the furniture is of 7.00 Euros per cubic meter per month or fraction thereof.

Minimum rate is 40.00 Euros per month.

The cost does not include the unloading, movement or reloading of the goods.

Storage of goods for shipment purposes

Once the packing of the goods to be shipped has been performed, the customer may request and plan with our company the storage and custody of the furniture in boxes and rooms particularly fit to guarantee their maximum security and protection.

The works of art and the furnishings are closed inside our containers which are certified against temperature changes and are hermetically sealed for the safety of their contents.

Our warehouse has all the climatic characteristics for a perfect preservation of the works of art which are also constantly monitored by a video surveillance system that records both inside and outside the warehouse.

Besides the security and surveillance systems, DMA Cargo follows a strict protocol in order to comply with all the security measures so as to guarantee the safety during the checking, loading and unloading phases.